Friday, August 04, 2006

Summer Vacation

By my (probably inaccurate) calculations, I have been out of school for eight weeks, and I return three weeks from Monday. During the earlier parts of the summer, I didn't do much: went to different beaches, sat around at the computer, played D&D, went to summer school. So on Monday, I decided to start working on my summer work for school (save the reading, which I started much, much earlier).

So what all do I get to do? I have a list of 36 vocabulary words that I have to define for history (the majority of which are not in the book), in addition to six chapters worth of questions. I did one chapter last night. It took me an hour. I also have four short stories to read for Spanish, with work assigned with each one. I did the first one the day before yesterday. It took me another hour. I also have to spend a total of 10 hours watching Spanish media. I've done four. I also have a decently-sized math packet, which I have not yet started.

What's so bad about this, you might ask? I mean, I still have more than three weeks. My problem is that on Monday, I leave for a week in Key Largo for SCUBA diving. The week after, I have band camp. For two weeks. Mandatory.

So the rest of this week is the last of my free time at home, and now I get to spend the time working on summer stuff. Sucks.

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