Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Braced for a Storm

Two things in my recent life that I'd like to mention. The first thing is that last night, for those of you unaware, Chester County, PA, got whacked quite hard by a hurricane-force thunderstorm. It was bad enough that believable rumors of a tornado are circulating. All of this managed to cause most of the county's power to go out at about 7:15 PM last night, and it wasn't restored until 6:55 PM today. That wasn't much fun, but hey, power's back now.

The other is that earlier today I got my braces off. For those curious, the orthodontist's office had no power when they did it. Everything that they used was either mechanical or battery-operated. Pretty cool when you think about it, and now I'm ready for all the salt water taffy at the shore that I can eat next week.

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