Monday, November 20, 2006

A Political Rant

I realize that political rants are thankfully rare on this blog, but I couldn't help but rant about an issue that was made known to me last night. This particular one has to do with a representative from New York known as Charles Rangel.

Honestly, I'm not sure what Rangel's stance is on the war in Iraq. But I do know his stance on possibly the most touchy war subject since Vietnam: the draft. Rangel supports the draft, and in fact says that you cannot support the war without supporting the draft. This is bullshit. I don't support the war, I'd like to pull out but I know we can't just pick an arbitrary date to do so, but even so, that statement is utter bullshit. Seriously now.

Anyways, according to the bill he'll be proposing soon, all males ages 18-42 would have to register for the draft. I'm not in that age range. Why do I care? I'm 17. In one year, I'd have to register to possibly go and get shot at in a war we really shouldn't be in. Rangel himself, according to my calculations via Wikipedia, is 76, nowhere near the draft range. So I want to send him a message:

Mr. Rangel, if you want to bring the draft back, include yourself. Then we'll see how much you really like the idea.

Hopefully the rest of Congress isn't this asshat retarded. I'm Quiggy and I approve this message.


Dougie said...

Canada ho?

Quiggy said...

Takes four years to get citizenship. The main threat would probably be gone by then.