Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

So today is Valentine's Day, as if you needed to be informed of that. Now, you may ask, "So Quiggy, who's your special someone today?", and if you do, you will recieve the very simple answer: "No one." Why is this? Because, like a proper geek, I can't seem to actually get anyone interested in me, not even the girls at D&D club. I suppose there's one exception to that, but she's a senior and already spoken for.

I liked a quote I heard from a friend today, so I'll reproduce it here. She said,
"Y'know, they ought to rename Valentine's Day something else, like Single Recognition Day."

The sad part about this is that it is oh so very true. I hate Valentine's Day. Stupid greeting card companies making me feel lonely... Again.

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