Sunday, February 19, 2006


Recently, I've been playing, and getting quite addicted to, the classic game by id Software, Doom. Despite having been made 13 years ago, and having graphics that agree with that, it has the best gameplay of just about any game I have ever seen, a compelling atmosphere, and very creepy enemies.

I've compiled a .zip file with all the stuff you need to play Doom, which you can download from my Openomy account (link). In it you'll find a copy of the source port ZDoom, and probably some saved games of mine, because I don't know what files I can delete and what I can't to still make it work. ZDoom runs on Windows 95, 98, XP, NT, and Linux. If you want some other platform, you can find a list of source ports here.

One quick warning is that if you're turned off by pixelated blood and heavy Satanic imagery, you probably shouldn't play this. Otherwise, it's an excellent game, and I recommend you check out the Doom Wiki at Have fun!

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