Friday, January 06, 2006

Geek Power!

Sure, why not? I mean, there's Black Power and Girl Power, so I think we should get some Geek Power going. (Actually, I just like the title, and thought I'd use it, as it has to do with this post).

Two geeky things to note. The first is that I have uploaded a few of my favorite TI-83+ programs to my Walagata account. I actually uploaded them for Mapper, a map inspiration program that I wrote recently, but I decided I'd give you a few extras. I might update it some later, and I'll post that stuff over here. Here's an either very late or extraordinarily early Christmas present.

The other geeky thing is that I recently ordered a copy of the D&D book Lords of Madness: The Book of Aberrations from Amazon yesterday. Obviously it's not here yet, but should be fun once it arrives. Gotta love a book primarily about a race that eats brains. Yum.


Ty bird said...

Hey! guess what! i got Dance Dance revelution ultra max3 along with an x-box kool huh?

Ty bird said...

there is also me in team lol

Ty bird said...

BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!! 2u2 lol what was dat about? ha! my fingers hurt to

The_Tractor said...