Friday, December 31, 2004

So..... Tired....

I'll start on Tuesday. I got to see my friend Jake, whom I get to see all of once a year since he lives in Indiana. I played Star Wars: Battlefront on his Xbox, which pwns. Then I got pissed 'cuz I found out that it doesn't exist for Gamecube.

Yesterday I went to Ben's for an afternoon-thing with Davy, Ben, Gus, and Doug. That was fun. Davy left, and we stayed around for an impromptu sleepover (not to be confused with impromptu sneak attack). We played a one-night (unfortunately) D&D campaign, with Gus DMing. Go Elvira! (Teeheehee).

We came to my house yesterday to play our campaign RoD. That was fun, I killed Ben's character. Don't worry, the only reason I had to use Power Word KILL was because you survived Finger of Death FOUR FREAKING TIMES!!!!

I'm going back to bed now.

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