Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Interesting Times

Well, a few interesting things happened today. I guess I'll start from the beginning:

  1. I found out that it is against school policy to wear full head-to-toe camouflage. That's right. On the announcements this morning there was, "There is a student today dressed up in full head-to-toe camouflage. Please see [principal] Dr. Watson in the main office immediately." Granted, I don't know if that really means that it is banned, but sure as heck sounds like it.
  2. Mini-bomb-scare. REALLY mini. Like, half-an-hour mini. I guess after finding more and more of these, they become less and less credible. Count so far: 4.
  3. D&D after school! w00t. My bard is now level 6, which pwns. We got through all of three or four rooms in a dungeon, mostly because our paladin decided to save all of the prisoners. Damn prisoners. Then, we kicked back for the last 15 minutes and had our DM kick the crap out of us with a CR 5 Forgotten Realms monster. Normally the thing wouldn't be so bad, except it's able to throw people 100 feet. And, when you're fighting on something that I can best describe as the Bridge of Khazad-Dum under magical darkness..... You can see where that's heading.

So I think that's about it for today. I'll keep you posted.

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