Thursday, December 09, 2004

Fwd: FW: uwclan hills elementary

> Swell. DHSW has had a few bomb scares this year;
> the most recent was
> yesterday. As you would expect, with each bomb
> scare they're taken a
> bit less seriously. I bet that will change now.
> As I was driving into work this morning they paged
> the fire chief.
> That's usually done when they want a non-emergency
> response for
> something. I bet they were asking him to arrange a
> standby for the bomb
> squad. (We have enough members who are township
> employees that he could
> arrange something like that during the day without
> dispatching the
> company.)
> - Bruce
> A pipe bomb exploded there last night! a
> maintenance worker heard it.
> bomb squad, etc. there this morning. (Action News)

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Dougie said...

Holy cow!

The_Tractor said...

So is there a big exploded place in your school now?