Sunday, April 22, 2007


I've been thinking lately about the fact that I haven't posted to this blog in possibly the longest time in its history. So I began considering the reasons for my departure. I narrowed the list down to two things:
  1. Lack of inspiration
  2. Utter dread of actually having to view the terrible, terrible template it had
So, I decided to tackle the second one first. As you can see, my blog has now returned to a more old-school template with a few new bits of awesome, like the drop-down archive. I've also gotten rid of the link section to dead blogs and instead linked to a few of my own projects and my two favorite blogs. I also upgraded the licensing on my blog to CC BY-NC-ND 3.0, which will confer a few new benefits.

But the template is not the only thing that has changed. I now actually have a few things to talk about, and will do so. (I've actually had a few things to talk about before, but I didn't want to because of the shitty template).

First, I did in fact win National Novel Writing Month last year. My book, The Darkening of Alus, is not completed yet, however, and I'm still trying to force myself to write both that and The Tales of Deepspace, my current writing project. I'll keep you informed of any updates regarding the status of any future books.

Second, I traveled to Florida over Winter Break with the Downingtown High School Blue & Gold Marching Band (combined East & West campuses). I have still been too lazy to pick things for putting on Flickr, but they will come eventually.

Third, thanks to an hour and a half of sitting outside of my local Target in sub-freezing temperatures, I managed to buy a Wii. I currently have only Wii Sports and Twilight Princess, but I intend to pick up a few big-name titles when they release.

Fourth, over Spring Break I took a one-week road trip with my father to visit colleges. As they stand right now, the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering is at the top of my list, with University of Delaware and University of Pennsylvania falling into a tie for second place. I'll keep you posted.

Fifth and last, something happened that I was totally not expecting within the past ten days. On the Friday before last (4/13) I was asked by a senior named Mandy if I would go to prom with her. Naturally, being the suave guy I am, I managed to fumble my way into getting the weekend as a time to make sure I was available, which I am, meaning that I now get to go to my school's senior prom as a junior on June 1st. Meanwhile, last Thursday (4/20) I was called and asked by a classmate of mine named Allison if I would go to junior prom with her. Again, I said yes, meaning that over the weekend I got to run around like crazy trying to figure out what to wear next Saturday (4/28). The answer, as it turns, is black pants and a black three-button suit jacket with a purple shirt and purple tie. It looks damn good.

I suppose that that covers my life over the past few months. I do ask for any comments regarding the current appearance of the blog. Like it? Dislike it? Want to condemn me to to the fiery pits of hell for my crimes against humanity and the Internet? Let me know!

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Dougie said...


Man this must be Year of the Geek or something. We all seem to be getting some kind of action. Pretty awesome!