Friday, February 03, 2006

More Sickness and Such

Fortunately, after I got sick in my last post, I got well enough to take the rest of my midterms, only to then get sick like two days after the last one. Fortunately, this illness wasn't as bad, but it was rather frustrating.

So what else I have I done? I've gotten my midterm grades back. High A's on most, 85% on Math, an abysmal 78% on Spanish, and the "I'm A Fat Kid"-seeming 56% on P.E. That one's just stupid as hell, they based the grades off of the Presidential Fitness Test.

I also played D&D in there a few times, once in Eberron, the rest at D&D club. Eberron was fun, since we got to start up a new campaign, which I'm DMing again. I also picked up the excellent book Magic of Incarnum, which, after I get some playtesting in, I'll probably end up adding to the Eberron campaign. It's a great system for those who play, with excellent flavor. I've also been putting in significant work on Ainae, my personal campaign setting. It's hosted on the excellent pbwiki website, for an unlimited number of password protected wikis. I highly recommend it for storing anything.

I should probably be off now, I have to write an English theme on A Tale of Two Cities, which is actually a really good book if you can make it all the way through.

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