Monday, October 24, 2005

Power Outage

Friday at school was – interesting, to say the least. About halfway through 1st period, the power went out in part of the school. How they managed that I haven't figured out. Unfortunately, the power was still on in the cafeteria, so we still had to stay at school. (Its illegal to run a school and not feed the students, so had the power gone out in the cafeteria, we would've been sent home). Power came back on in most of the school by the end of the day, though not in my electronics class, which, obviously, sucked.

On Saturday I had a cavalcade (band competition), so I was in school again. Power was back out in parts of the building.

Today in school, power was still out. (That made homeroom interesting – no lights!) Once again, power in the cafeteria.

They were claiming that they'll have it fixed by tomorrow. $5 says they won't, and the power will be out in the cafeteria.

As an aside, this is also the 200th post on my blog. That rocks.

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