Thursday, August 18, 2005

Band Camp - Day 4

More band camp's been going on, but not much has really been happening. We've managed to get a little more than halfway through the first piece out of three, and we've gotten the music and drill together. That's a good thing.

Also, as a note to all those folks over at Something Awful and other sites, stop abusing WikiFur. The Internet is a free place, people are entitled to Furry Fandom wikis.


Dougie said...

As much as people are entitled to run Furry websites, other people are equally entitled to set up humor websites to antagonize Furry websites.

GreenReaper said...

Yes, but alas for them, it doesn't really work out all that well when all the drama-creating posts get reverted five-minutes later. *grins*

We got a heck of a lot of great users from the Something Awful link of the day! :-)