Monday, August 29, 2005

Back To School

Granted, if this were actually a commercial (seeing as how that is a phrase only seen in commercials), then I really ought to set up something to play "In the Name of Science" for you, since its in every freaking back to school ad!

Regardless, today was back to school. Nothing bad, I'm afraid Chemistry will give me some problems, as the teacher is really confusing, but otherwise everything is good. 'Cept gym (which, granted, I didn't have today, but I'll have it tomorrow). My problem is that for BD2 gym, there is a 10th grade gym and a 12th grade gym (and probably also 11 and 9). Regardless, they overbooked the 10th grade gym, so I got moved to the 12th grade one. Which means that I, unathletic Quiggy, get stuck in a gym class with kids two years older than me.



Ransom said...

Sorry to say it, but tha gym situation really does suck, especially cause i know you are not as much of a fan of participating in sports and stuff, or at least, you didnt used to be. Are there any others that got moved up with you?

Quiggy said...

One other, who I barely know, and a few juniors. In addition, I do know one of the seniors in it, and the teacher is Mrs. Blair's husband.