Sunday, July 17, 2005


So I left on July 9 for Hawai'i and came back a couple o' days ago (no duh). Here is, to the best of my ability, an account of what occurred on the trip.

Saturday: Got up at 3:45 AM EST. I flew out to Chicago to catch a connecting flight over to the Honolulu airport. Getting there was painfully long and slow. We're talking three in-flight movies slow. I watched Sahara, which was actually quite good, but chose not to watch Guess Who or Fever Pitch. We finally arrived at 1:00 PM HST, which is 7:00 PM EST. We went to sleep that night at about 10:30 PM HST. If you do the math, I was up for more than 24 hours that day. We went off to eat dinner at Planet Hollywood that night, but we realy didn't do anything else that exciting.

Sunday: We went over to Diamond Head, and hiked up to the summit. Great view from up there. Then we went to Waikiki Aquarium. Then we went to Waikiki beach for a short bit o' time.

Monday: We rode a bus up to the North Shore to see the Polynesian Cultural Center, which is actually quite good. 'cept when the other kids decide to leave a show on the ancient dancing of New Zealand to play Duck, Duck, Goose.

Tuesday: We went to the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor. Honestly, you can't say anything about it. But if you'd been there, you'd know exactly how I feel about it.

Wednesday: We went out on a catamaran to go snorkeling off the shore of Waikiki beach. Honestly, nothing exciting, Marine Lab's snorkeling was much better (and my SCUBA diving in the Bahamas last year was better still).

Thursday: Went snorkling in Hanauma Bay. Good stuff, much better than the previous day. Only problem is that the coral there is much too high. Oh well, make do with what you've got.

Friday: Got on a plane to fly home.

Saturday: Got home.

Pictures still to come.

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