Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Believe it or not, I have a life

I just never post about it.

A week ago today was the last day of school, which makes me happy. No more putting up with Mrs. Chiodo, the English teacher who was slightly worse than Mrs. Sabra. (Insert other assorted good things about summer here).

Over the weekend I went to Ben's house for D&D, which was good fun. We added psionics, which was interesting seeing as how I lacked the book for psionics. I have it now, it just arrived from Amazon.

Yesterday Dave, Ian, and Sean (three friends from the neighborhood) came over and we mucked about in the water having a good time (rather like dolphins). And now I am sunburned, again. I'm gonna have skin cancer someday, I can feel it.

Today, I drove to Philly to drop my sister off at some intercity thing that lasts 6 weeks. Not that bad, 'cept of course the obligatory long trip. And today I have a piano recital, which pisses me off.

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