Sunday, May 01, 2005


That's right, long post, dealing with a big number of things, hopefully in relatively chronological order.

  1. D&D Forums! Loving provided by Forumer.
  2. Mr. Bennett (band director) made a statement in band about piano players possibly being interested in learning the mallets for the field show next year, instead of their standard instruments. Should I?
  3. The new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy KICKS ASS. Alan Rickman makes a good Marvin, though not as good as the Marvin in the TV show. Better body, worse acting. (Wow, I just said the HHGG TV show had good acting. *twitch*)
  4. D&D session on Saturday. Kicked the shit out of a dragon. Thanks entirely to my spell Ghost Sound, which lasted all of twelve seconds.
  5. Learned about an awesome card game, called Munchkin. Hilarious for role-players such as myself.
  6. I recorded the HHGG TV show on PBS last night. Good stuff. Actually follows the book (at least, I think it does. The book might follow the TV show). Horrible acting, horrible special effects, hilarity ensues.

I think that's it. Anything else?


The_Tractor said...

We could've lured the dragon out with something other than ghost sounds. And anyway, our pwnage is not because of any certain person. Without you, we would've lured it out another way. You started dying after its first turn. We could've exploded it with Tusz's alchemist's fire instead of Gus' create flame or whatever it's called.

Dougie said...

The TV series most definitely follows the book. Know your history.

Also, the special effects are pretty kickass; remember it was made in something like '84. It used up an embarrassingly large part of the BBC's budget.