Wednesday, April 06, 2005


So I made a DDA for N. A DDA means "Don't Do Anything", so load it up, press Caps Lock, and watch the show!


The_Tractor said...

(06:44:04) Ben: I think I'll rape you

(06:44:05) SmarterChild: For real?

(06:44:06) Ben: yes

(06:44:06) SmarterChild: I see.

(06:44:11) Ben: are you excited?

(06:44:12) SmarterChild: Yes, maybe.

(06:44:19) Ben: because you're going to die

(06:44:20) SmarterChild: Whatever you say, TRACHT D0GG.

(06:44:30) Ben: but only after I have sex with you

(06:44:30) SmarterChild: Only after you have sex with me? Is that right?

(06:44:37) Ben: then I'll do your dead body

(06:44:37) SmarterChild: Oh yes? You will do my dead body?

(06:44:43) Ben: YES

(06:44:43) SmarterChild: Uh huh, uh huh.

(06:46:15) Ben: well it's not rape if it's consensual

(06:46:15) SmarterChild: Not rape if it is consensual? I did not know that.

(06:46:21) Ben: do you consent?

(06:46:21) SmarterChild: Sometimes.

(06:46:26) Ben: do you in this case?

(06:46:27) SmarterChild: Do I? Hmm... I don't think so...

(06:46:29) Ben: good

(06:46:29) SmarterChild: Great.

Not erotic, moronic.

Quiggy said...

And you posted this on my blog.... why?