Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Well, through pondering in study halls, I've come up with another rebuttal for evolution. Hear me out:

All organisms must reproduce to survive. Duh. All single-celled organisms reproduce through asexual reproduction (aka mitosis) because they are unable to meet the requirements for sexual reproduction: sexual organs and sex cells. Note the italics. A cell cannot produce a cell that is different from itself. A tissue or an organ can, but not a single cell. Single-celled organisms do not have tissues, because they are made of cells, and no organs, because organs are made of tissues. However, multicellular organisms must reproduce sexually. This is because there is no way that a multicellular organism could coordinate every single cell to undergo mitosis at the same time. Also note that scientists have said that life grew from a single cell. Therefore, according to evolution:

  • At some point, a multicellular organism reproduced asexually, or two single-celled organisms reproduced sexually
  • At some point, an asexually reproducing organism randomly figured out how to reproduce sexually with another organism of the same type

I just wanted to post this, not to start an argument, but just because, for me, its the clinching proof that evolution does not work.


The_Tractor said...

Let's use bacteria as an example.

Bacteria use apparatuses called pili to conjugate with one another, or join together, where they form a tube, called a conjugation tube, though which chromosomes are exchanged. This changes the cells' original genetic makup and therefore causes the cells' genotypes to change and the cells themselves to alter. The bacteria then go about the process of binary fission, asexual reproduction, and create more bacteria with the same changes. This is the way resistence to antibacterial substances arises. If the change is beneficial, the bacteria thrive. If not, they die off. Natural selection and evolution.

The_Tractor said...

Please read this.

Quiggy said...

Remember our IM discussion. All I have to say.

Ransom said...

Ok, well, while multi-cellular organism like US cannot, if a single celled thing somehow joined to another they could possibly create something different. also, you neglect to mention Mutations, a small mistake in a single chromosome could have started a chain reaction of sorts.