Monday, March 14, 2005

Edge of the World

No, I did not fall off of the aforementioned Edge of the World. Of course, my last meaningful post was a week ago. So! I played LotR:tTA some more. Why do they have trolls in Helm's Deep? And why is Berethor such a fucktard? I mean, I'm dying after defending the front gate, I flee into the main hall, when Berethor turns around and goes "I do not fear death!" and so I'm thrust into a battle with three injured people (elf, ranger, and Gondorian warrior up first), three side people, more injured (Dwarven warrior, Rohan horseman, Rohan crazy axe bitch) and they put me up against 5 Uruk-Hai berserkers and a troll. As if that's not bad enough, every time I kill something a new one takes its place! Dammit! Ok, calming down. I found this cool thing, called Epitome. Hopefully we'll get to do some eRPing. One more class of L&C w/ homework to go. Had to write a resume, feel free to hire me for, um, coding. Nothing much else going on. I'll be DMing Wednesday at school, I plan to do some battlefield fighting. Already set up a world for it. I think that's it. Big post, too.

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Dougie said...

Hey! Fucktard is my word.