Friday, February 11, 2005

Pennsylvania Chainsaw Massacre

That's right, that's what I want to do right now. I friggin' HATE my English teacher, Mrs. Chiodo. In three weeks, we have to do major persuasive speeches, worth 400 points each. In two weeks, outlines for those are due. No big deal, right? We also have to make a book with ten poems, each on a seperate page, and each hand-illustrated and colored (as a matter of fact, any computer graphics will make you lose points). Of course, this isn't enough, now is it? Of course not! So she gave us a 200-page book yesterday, which we have to read by Tuesday. Thinking that we might have two or three minutes of time when we're not doing HOMOwork (batasha!), she went right ahead and made us WRITE A PERSUASIVE LETTER DUE THURSDAY!!!!! She's got nerves, man. Nerves.


The_Tractor said...

HEY! HOMOwork is my word! So is batasha!

Quiggy said...


Ransom said...

wow matt that sux, to bad ur not awsomely good at english like me...and since when did u get even remotely witty (your latest blog show that)? i mean ya your kinda smart, but witty, not that i knew of, good job...and good luck on the english...hahaha