Saturday, February 19, 2005


Let's see... lots of work to do for Life & Career, I suppose that that's what I get for taking an every-other day class in 6 class periods. Played an awesome D&D session today, involving a massive naval battle with whole bunch of pirates and whatnot. Guys, nicely done, I thought it was time to capture you. But no, you escaped. Let's see.... anything else? Don't think so. Adios.


The_Tractor said...

How could they capture us? We had a warforged who would behead anyone who would get near him, an elf who could put 2-3 arrows in them or shoot their eyes out, a changeling who was getting sneak attacks left and right, and a gnome who could make them all very afraid. We only fled because the ship was sinking, and their ship was on fire, growing exponentionally, and they were not all immune to fire! And yes, I know that you're aware of the fire. We went through that Abbott-and-Costello-ish routine about three times.

angelis said...

dont forget how the warforge raided the sunken pirate ships and walked to the next continent making us all all lot better/richer