Wednesday, January 26, 2005


It's midterms week. In other words, the worst week of the year. Monday was review day, and we had a two-hour delay. Tuesday was 2nd and 10th period midterms. We had a two-hour delay, and so I missed 10th period midterm, which got moved to Friday, and 2nd period midterm = really long band class. Today, however, was hell. FOUR MIDTERMS!!! Wellness and Fintness, African and Asian Studies, Electronics, and Biology. At least tomorrow I only have 1 (Spanish), and only 2 on Friday (Geometry and English). Irritating little *beeeeeeeeep*s!


The_Tractor said...

Quiggy: I have three sets of exams a year, all cumulative. And I go to school on Saturdays. So there.

Quiggy said...

I could say something right now constructive, something to make you feel better. Something that will strengthen our ties of friendship. But I won't. :-P