Saturday, December 04, 2004

I Hate You

(16:19:16) Quiggy: SO WATCHA DOIN?!???! WTF LOL
(16:19:39) Doug: get back to your chatroom, AOL scum!
(16:19:54) Quiggy: NO!!1!!1 WTF LOL
(16:20:06) ***Doug yes!
(16:20:16) Quiggy: MAEK M3!!11!!! OMG
(16:20:35) Doug: *hovers mouse over "Block"*
(16:21:11) Quiggy: PLZ DONT BLOK ME IMM A L137 H4X0R11!!!!!1 OMG LOL
(16:21:23) Doug: bite me
(16:21:33) Quiggy: WH3RA?!!!?!?!? OMG WTF
(16:22:40) Doug: if the next sentence you say is in caps, or has an acronym, or has ? before !, or has a 1 contained within a string of !'s, or uses any form whatsoever of 1337 speak or code, I shall block you
(16:23:01) Quiggy: BUT I THOUGHT WE WERE FREINDS!1!!111 OMG WTF
(16:23:05) Doug logged out.

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