Friday, November 12, 2004

Oh that Dougie....

(20:29:19) Doug: Johny
(20:29:39) Doug: mmh...
(20:29:44) Doug: oh, Johny!
(20:29:57) Quiggy: ack!
(20:29:57) Doug: *spasm*
(20:30:04) Quiggy: OHNOES!!1
(20:30:14) Doug: Johny's so hot...
(20:30:23) Quiggy: oh god!!!
(20:30:42) Doug: what?
(20:31:15) Doug: Johny is hot!


Dougie said...

Now, see, I'm comfortable with my sexuality.

But Johny is a girl, anyway.

Not that I care.

The_Tractor said...

Yeah, she's in my HAM class.

Quiggy said...

Whoa! Really?