Monday, October 18, 2004

Silicon and Chrome

For a while now my dad has been saying that he thought there was something wrong with my computer, what with all the slow loading times and stuff. 'Bout a month back, we found a virus, which destroyed my firewall, prompting me to install SP2. Now, the program Norton Ghost cannot back up my computer like it should be. Dad thinks we should loose another program, which will probably work, but could end up destroying everything on my hard drive.

In other news, I got to ride on the back of Dad's motorcycle for the first time today. It's really quite fun, were it not for Ye Olde Idiote Driveress. So, that's the world o' Quigg as it stands.

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Dougie said...

Reminds me... Google Desktop interferes with danmmed MS Firewall for some reason. So irritating...