Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Lots of stuff to tell y'all....

As my title says, there's lots to say today, so get ready!

1) Wednesdays I get home around 4:45. This is because I have parade band. This will finally pay of on Friday, when I get to go to the Miss America parade in Atlantic City. DON'T EXPECT TO TALK TO ME ON FRIDAY. I get home at 11:30. You can watch the parade on Comcast 8.

2) I need people to sign up for something I found the other day. It's called Sphere, and is a graphical 2D RPG engine using JavaScript as the scripting language. I need graphic artists, concept designers, and rule makers. I'll try to handle the actual programming (if you already know JavaScript, though, feel free to tell me). The most recent Mac release is v0.97, while the latest Win32 (Windows) release is 1.1. Please email me at if you'd like to sign up.

3) Was that it? Alright, then I'll see ya later!

1 comment:

Dougie said...

Well, you know I'm willing to be your pixel pusher (although it may be harder, as the app I love to use, Pixen, is Mac OS X only. I'll find a graphics tool to use on my Dell, but it'll go slower. Also, I'll have to do it all in my free time, which is not as abundant as it once was.

Besides that, I'm also willing to be an editor for whatever script you come up with; y'know, for stuff like spelling, grammar, etc.